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Workshop Testimonials:

In this approach, students learn to take more command of their technical development and musicianship skills. 

I loved the rapport and absolute love you have for teaching your students 🙂  You are fabulous.

Terrific insight and very well informed, detailed approach. 

Lovely rapport with children, very encouraging and positive attitude.  Also very competent in answering all questions. Thank you!!

Your well prepared demonstrations and musical examples were very well received and provided much “food for thought” for the teachers, students and parents present. The hands-on approach proved very useful for teachers and the reference to the teaching repertoire was very relevant.

Her diagnosis was quick and accurate, and her communication clear. The resulting improvement was so quick and obvious that one attendee asked in disbelief if the session had been rigged!

I particularly appreciated your relentless passion for what you are doing.

Feedback from Taubman weekend Workshop, April 13

Thank you Therese for delivering a weekend of excellent lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice. I especially enjoyed the lecture on ‘enslavement to notation’. Your wise solutions for redistributing notes between the hands will go a long way to making practice easier and more enjoyable and no doubt produce improved musical results!  Samantha Docherty

 The Taubman workshop was excellent. Therese was clearly an expert with a great deal of knowledge which she imparted in a manner that was easy to absorb. Her powerpoint presentations were very well prepared and her demonstrations were pertinent. The sessions in which she incorporated students at three levels enabled teachers to see her theory in practice. Lois Cutmore

I think Therese was very professional in the way she handled questions particularly on controversial issues. It was great to have the option of private sessions with her. I look forward to revising my sessions on the recording! Odette Baxter

 Therese Milanovic is an inspirational teacher and presenter in all aspects of piano pedagogy. The topics covered are of crucial interest to all piano teachers: how to teach octaves, scales and arpeggios correctly; choosing repertoire for beginners right up to advanced students; and teaching students to play with freedom and ease and avoiding injuries. The workshops were detailed, enjoyable and of direct relevance to my teaching practice. Anthony van den Broek

As a relatively new teacher I found the workshop incredibly useful. Teaching arm weight and tone control to beginners is difficult but Taubman’s logical, common sense approach helped my understanding and has increased my confidence. Thank you Therese for a fascinating and inspiring day. More please!  Alex Brewerton


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