Resources on the Taubman Approach

Watch Choreography of the Hands:  A documentary describing the work of renowned piano teacher Dorothy Taubman, famous for her rehabilitation of injured musicians.
The Golandsky Institute is the preeminent center for the teaching of the Taubman Approach, giving musicians transformative tools for physical health and musical expressivity. By helping artists avoid injury, the Institute ensures that classical music will have a bright and sustainable future.
 Golandsky Institute Streaming Service Gain access to 100+ instructional videos that teach the Taubman Approach, for US$14.99/month. Subscribe for as long or as little as you like.
Edna Golandsky The leading authority on the Taubman Approach.
YouTube (search Taubman Golandsky) for short video excerpts
For string players – Sophie Till and the Till Solution, based on Sophie Till’s studies with Edna Golandsky applying the Taubman principles to string playing.
Contact to request a PDF copy of her doctoral thesis, Learning and Teaching Healthy Piano Technique: Training as an Instructor in the Taubman Approach.

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