“Magic seat”

Dear Therese,

             I could never have thought that my seat had the solution to my
problem ! Almost three years ago I completely destroyed my rotator tendon
cuff,  and my shoulder refused to let me play, until I opened  your book on
Taubman approach, and I adjusted the height of my seat…….

As a magic wand  a window  opened up before my eyes and I saw myself flying
towards freedom along with my piano above which my shoulder sat happy. It’s
just the beginning, I know the road will be long, but I’m translating for me
every word of your book and I’ll come back to study from the beginning.

I am near 80 years old, and I played piano  successfully  during  over 60
years, but it was enough to fall in my garden and 60 years of pleasure at
the piano have vanished. Now, thanks to Taubman and your book, I can hope
to get them back as much as possible, and that’s a great reason to live the
years I have left…… I will let all of you know when I’ll had found all
myself in the music of my piano.

Many thanks, again and again, with all my heart.     (Name withheld on request)

Sometimes problems are multi-faceted and complex, sometimes great progress can be made with a few simple changes.

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