Testimonial: Amanda Rosenfeld

After four years spent doing very little playing due to being in chronic pain (in my case, in my left shoulder), I met Therese Milanovic in 2011 and encountered the Taubman Approach to piano playing. It was truly a light bulb moment for me. After working as an accompanist all of my professional life with a major focus on playing for dance, I worked as a class pianist for the Queensland Ballet for four years; my needing to seek work in another area due to pain was quite traumatic.

I knew a whiplash injury had contributed to the problem, but after seeing Therese, I realized also that I had been taught incorrect technical “solutions” at tertiary level. Each lesson I had with Therese contained gems of information which I incorporated into my playing (and more recently, into my teaching practice).

My recovery has taken time, but after only four lessons with Therese I am now working as a pianist again playing for exams for the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti Society at senior levels. I have needed to learn much new music over the last two to three years, necessitating a lot of practice; and am, I am happy to say, mostly pain free.

Not only has Therese impressed me with her considerable expertise, she is an unfailingly down to earth and kind person. I owe her and the Taubman Approach the resurrection of my career as a pianist.

Amanda Rosenfeld

Brisbane, 29th May 2015


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